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Use our app to share the things you do to make your city better.


Please can make a donation via PayPal and support the work of our volunteers. Your money will go to the development and release of the tools of engagement that we have been preparing for the past two years voluntarily. Help us turn this project into a social network for better cities by donating to our cause as little or as much as you can.

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FIX TANK [Interviews]

The ‘Fix Tank’ is a reservoir of creative thinking. In an attempt to search and collect ideas for the improvement of life in the urban web of Athens as well as any other problematic city, the Fix Tank turns to its citizens, giving them voice and defending their right to their city.

The aim of the ‘Fix Tank’ is to form a wide collection of ideas, that will be able to function as a stepping stone to small but also big changes in the city. The ‘Fix Tank’ is in short, an online series of short-interviews on ideas, suggestions and plans for a better quality of life in the city.


Big cities have serious errors that affect our quality of life. City of Errors is a cross-media platform that offers inspiration, motivation and creative tools to become part of the solutions rather than the problems of your city. We are currently working on our pilot for the city of Athens and will soon be ready to adjust the City of Errors platform for any city. Maybe even your city.

The first component of the platform is a web-series called “Life in a City Full of Errors”. It’s composed of 10 short documentaries, each focusing on an error of the city through the eyes of a person who actively fights to correct or at least react to it.


ERROR #1  [Lack of Solidarity]

ERROR #2  [Insensitivity]

ERROR #3  [Indifference]

ERROR #4  [Rudeness]

ERROR #5  [Isolation]

ERROR #6  [Stress]

ERROR #7  [Disregard for art]

ERROR #8  [Loss of humor]

ERROR #9  [Coming Soon]

And this is where The Game begins…

Your City of Errors

City of errors is about how each one of us makes our city a little bit better.


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