What is City of Errors ?

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City of Errors was born in 2012 in Athens-Greece as a cross-media platform for active citizens who in their everyday life try to fix the errors of their big cities (or at least react to them). The platform is composed by short-documentary films, online interviews and empowering tools like the City of Errors App available at the App Store.

In 2014 City of Errors became a social enterprise, founded by Myrto Papadogeorgou & Nikolas Konstantinou, with the aim to develop audiovisual projects that promote civic engagement, sustainability, innovation and positive change in all aspects of society. Our clients include NGOs like WWF Hellas and AIESEC Greece, startups like Clio Muse, MCBL and Glossopolis, public institutions like the Dutch Embassy in Greece and TVR (Romanian Public Broadcaster) and also established companies like Marabou Hotel and Woouf Barcelona. You can view our latest work here.

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The solutions we give to the problems of our cities

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