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Life in a City Full of Errors, is an eccentric platform that was created in the midst of the Greek crisis with the aim to inspire and motivate greek citizens to engage with their cities’ problems and look for solutions. Through the production and dissemination of short-videos about the everyday life of those special people who make the country’s decaying capital (Athens) a better place to live in, the platform has now become a point of reference for every city’s active, creative and innovative citizens.

The idea was born in 2012 when a small group of people got together and voluntarily created the platform that promoted active citizenship and civic education as the means to make big, chaotic and unfriendly cities more livable. The platform is still available at here and is composed by short-documentary films, online interviews and some prototypes of interactive empowering tools.

In 2014, two of us, Myrto Papadogeorgou & Nikolas Konstantinou, created City of Errors Productions, a social enterprise aimed at developing audiovisual projects that promote civic engagement, sustainability, innovation, environmental consciousness and positive change in all aspects of society. Our partners include WWF Hellas, Clio Muse, MCBL, Woouf Barcelona, Lia Olive Oil, the Orange Grove, the Dutch Embassy in Greece, TVR (Romanian Public Broadcaster), Marabou Hotel, Pelion Scout, Chatzivaritis Estate and Amateur Radio among others. In addition, as a social enterprise, we are dedicated to volunteering part of our time to the creation of short videos about ideas, people, places, and stories with an exceptional and unique perspective. Check out our latest work on our website http://cityoferrors.com/

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A civic education project

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